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Digital Payments for everyone.

You are your own bank. You control your wallet and your funds.
Downloading and using our wallets will always be free.
You will not pay monthly fees or subscriptions for not using your wallet. Welcome to the world of decentralized cryptocurrency.

Easy to use wallets

For almost any device!

Desktop Wallet.

With Desktop Wallet available for Windows, MacOS and Linux we have covered 99% of all desktop operating systems. Manage your funds and contacts with the Desktop Wallet.  Receive and transfer Qredit coins simply with the password you provide.

Mobile Wallet

Qredit is available for all android devices.
Easily monitor incoming and outgoing transactions and send funds whenever you want. With the contacts list you do not have to remember the addresses of your friends, family or anyone else that is using Qredit.
All your sensitive data is securely stored using PBKDF2 algorithm and AES-256 encryption protected by your PIN code.


Web Wallet & Paper Wallet.

With the Web Wallet, you can check and transfer funds easily from the web using any browser like Chrome, FireFox or Opera.

You can also create a Paper Wallet to store your funds for later use.
The keys can be later used in the wallets on your devices at any time.

Qredit Block Explorer.

The open ledger of the Qredit network.
All transactions and wallets in one place, providing full transparency for individuals, merchants and official agencies.

Transactions can never be lost or compromised. You can view the amazing stability of our Blockchain and the delegates supporting the network.