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Qredit SDKs

Using Qredit SDKs, developers can employ the programming language of their choice to build applications utilizing the Qredit blockchain.

The functionality of Qredit API is split into two SDKs: Client and Cryptography.

Client SDKs help developers fetch information from the Qredit blockchain about its current state: which delegates are currently forging, what transactions are associated with a given wallet, and so on.

Cryptography SDKs, by contrast, assist developers in working with transactions: signing, serializing, deserializing, etc.

If your application doesn’t involve sending transactions, you can most likely build your application using the Client SDK alone. Otherwise, applications looking to leverage the full spectrum of Qredit APIs should make use of both Client and Cryptography SDKs.

Usage guides are included for each supported language, and examples of how to use these libraries can be found in the Cookbook.

Last Updated On January 15, 2019