From Blockchain to Qredit

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No idea what a blockchain is? Wondering what cryptocurrencies are and why your nephew won’t stop talking about them? Or perhaps you’ve got some questions about what sets Ark apart from other blockchains? You’ve come to the right place — From Blockchain to Qredit covers it all.

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  • Intro to Blockchain
    Many of the challenges blockchain technology faces in today’s business landscape are not in technology, but in communication. In this section, we approach blockchain from the ground up, starting from core principles and outlining cases where your business needs could be well-serviced by a custom blockchain.
  • Intro to Qredit
    Now that you’ve learned a bit about blockchains, it’s time to dive into how Qredit enters the picture. We’ll go over the architecture of the Qredit blockchain and detail some of our answers to the pressing challenges blockchain developers face in the sector’s earliest days.

Last Updated On January 12, 2019