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If you are using CMake head over to https://www.cmake.org/download/ or install it via Homebrew brew install cmake.


git clone https://github.com/qredit/cpp-client
cd cpp-client
# init & update micro-ecc submodule
git submodule init
git submodule update
cmake .
cmake --build .




Download and install the Arduino IDE (>=1.8.5) from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software


Using the Arduino IDE’s built in Library Manager, install the following Libraries:

  • micro-ecc
  • AUnit

Using with the Arduino IDE

Include the following header in your Arduino Sketch:

#include <QreditCrypto.h>


Python is required to run PlatformIO, so grab an installer package from https://www.python.org/downloads/


pip install -U platformio
platformio lib -g install 2778 1665


cd cpp-client/test
pio run -e esp8266 -t upload
cd cpp-client/test
pio run -e esp32 -t upload


The Cpp Client is meant to be used for creating request to an API endpoint. For cryptography related functionality, such as generating addresses or creating transactions, please see the Cpp Cryptorepository.


Before making a request, you should create a Connection. A Connection expects a host, which is an url on which the API can be reached, and a network version, which specifies whether we are using v1 or v2. An example Connection that connects to a v2 API of a node, would be created as follows:

// Create a connection
Ark::Client::Connection<Qredit::Client::API::Two> connection("", 4003);

Making an API Request

The below example shows how you can perform a request.

// Check the API Version
auto apiVersion = connection.api.version();

// Perform an API call using the connection to access endpoint
const auto blockResponse = connection.api.blocks.get("13114381566690093367")

const auto delegateResponse = connection.api.delegates.get("boldninja");

const auto nodeConfiguration = connection.api.node.configuration();

const auto peer = connection.api.peers.get("");

const auto transaction = connection.api.transactions.get("b324cea5c5a6c15e6ced3ec9c3135a8022eeadb8169f7ba66c80ebc82b0ac850");

const auto vote = connection.api.votes.get("d202acbfa947acac53ada2ac8a0eb662c9f75421ede3b10a42759352968b4ed2");

const auto walletsSearch = connection.api.wallets.search({"username", "baldninja"});
Last Updated On January 15, 2019