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Qredit Player One

What is this?

Qredit Player One is the new Qredit Games.
Qredit Games was originally created in 2018 for fun, where you could earn QRTF tokens (Qredit Founders Tokens) by solving mysterious quests.

How do I play this game?

Find hints. Solve the quest. Claim your rewards.

Can anyone join the game?

Yes. Only team members are prohibited from claiming the rewards.

Do you have more hints?

Only the hint below. New quests will be added as soon as the previous one has been claimed.

You might want to join the Qredit Telegram channel to discuss with other members that are trying to solve the quests. (https://t.me/qredit)

Do you have more information about this game?


Can I find more information about the old Qredit Games?

Yes. You could join this telegram channel.
It was originally created for Qredit Games and later rebranded to use it for the CryptoGuesser token. Scroll a little up in the channel and you will find some information about the old Qredit Games and how previous quests were solved.

Can I only play this game online?

Soon we will also be adding quests in the real world where you need to work with other Qredit users to solve quests.

Anything else?

No. Good luck.

– Quest 1 – (Easy/Medium – online only)

status: Solved


Hint 1:
“This is our home. December 13th, 2019 was a sunny day!

Hint 2: 
“Note to self”

~ 500.000 XQR (claimed)
1 XQRF (claimed)
1.000 ROCK (claimed)
10.000 QPSN (claimed)
75.000 CGT (claimed)
~ 700 ARK (claimed)


– Quest 2 – (easy – online only)

status: Solved

Hint 1:

“I can bring tears to your eyes; resurrect the dead, make you smile, and reverse time. I form in an instant but I last a life time.
Que suis je?
BIP39 word”

~ 50.000 XQR (claimed)


– Quest 3 – (Medium – Can be solved online.)

status: Unsolved

 Hint 1:

“the sanity of the plan is of no consequence.” 

~ 25.000 XQR + Increasing every day!


– Quest 4 – (Extreme – Can be solved online.)

status: Unsolved

Hint 1:

“<!– Enjoy the air.
The sun is near.
Two of us won’t be there.
Earth won’t interfere.
If a hurricane spins clockwise, you can see me here. –> ” 

~ 250.000 XQR + Forging rewards!
10.000 QPSN
100.000.000 ROCK
500.000 CGT