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Persona Protocol.

Persona Swap Announcement

Hello to all Persona users!

We are finally here to announce that Persona with the ticker ‘PRSN’ on the native ark-based blockchain will be swapped for Persona with the new ticker ‘QPSN’ as a token on the Qredit Blockchain.

The swap will be 1:1 and it will take place on the Altilly Exchange in 3 phases for a period of 3 months or until the process has been fully automated.

The new Persona ‘QPSN’ asset has been built as a QAE token on top of the Qredit Blockchain.
Persona will fuel a lot of our projects and the projects connected to QAE and Valkyrie, such as Qredit, Altilly, Liberland.info, Planet4Us and even one of the most exciting upcoming project in the Qredit Ecosystem, the eQrona.

The eQrona will become our own native Stablecoin, focused on the Scandinavian Countries.
Persona will play a crucial role in this exciting venture.

Persona Protocol will launch it’s new KYC tools in 2020 and will allow anyone to register any crypto-currency address or mobile phone number with real life data using the Persona tokens.
That’s right, you will be able to register any crypto-currency address with Persona, not only the assets related to Qredit or Ark.

More details about the many new Persona features will be available in early 2020.


If you are already familiar with sending and receiving coins on Altilly and with the old Persona Blockchain,
You can just transfer your old Persona (PRSN) coins to your PRSN wallet in the Altilly Exchange and wait for the swap to take place automatically.

QPSN is currently in queue for listing on the Altilly Exchange and new seed and forging nodes on the old blockchain are being created to make the swap as smooth as possible.
Once these steps have been finalized, you will be able to view the full swap details below.