November Update I

November Update I

We need to start with the less satisfying part of this update…

As we’ve explained in the September Update 2, we had a few goals that we strived to reach in October. However, we didn’t reach some of these goals in time. The goals were:

Two exchange listings

Our goal was to have at least 2 exchanges added in October. The good news is that Qredit has been listed on 1 exchange named BiteBTC. However, we did manage to get listed on 2 more exchanges in November; CryptalDash and Bitker.

The CryptalDash listing was not planned. We’ve won the exchange listing competition on CryptalDash, thanks to the community. CryptalDash is listed as rank 82 on Coinmarketcap and offers nice features on their exchange.

Bitker was planned and we’ve managed to make a nice deal with the agents at Bitker. Bitker is a popular Asian exchange and it has a daily trading volume of 300-400 million dollars. They only have 38 trading pairs, which gives Qredit a nice exposure once it’s listed.

The timeframe for listing on both exchanges are 7 days at time of publishing this post.

Wallet Updates

We’ve made the announcement about updating the current mobile apps for Qredit. This goal was not reached because we have decided to create a completely new wallet that is easy to use for merchants and consumers. Qredit is targeting locals and non-crypto users that are not familiar with cryptocurrency mobile apps. The current wallet has options like voting on delegates, creating multiple accounts, select network and many more options that are not directly needed for a payment solution. Instead, we have been working on a user friendly wallet that is lightning fast and with a lightweight user interface built from scratch with basic functionalities.

The name of the new wallet is “Qredit Lite” and it will be launched in the Google Play Store before the MIF Event on 9 and 10 November 2018.

Qredit Cards and Webshop Plugins

Just like the Wallet Updates. The official re-introduction of the Qredit Cards and web-shop plugins will be available shortly after the launch of the new mobile wallet.


We are still aiming to announce the partnerships this month (November 2018). There is a little delay on this update because we simply didn’t have the time yet to fully integrate Qredit with our partners. We will keep you posted about this.


So how is everything else going?

MIF Event in Maastricht (NL).

We have been focusing a lot on the MIF Event, which will be held in the MECC building in Maastricht. What was planned to be a simple event to introduce Qredit turned out to be a potential debut for Qredit. We have been inviting a lot of local companies and official agencies to the MIF event. As you already know, we are not only going to talk about Qredit, but use it directly at the “café” in the MECC building where the visitors can pay for food and drinks with Qredit and test the Qredit Motion functionality which enables crypto/fiat conversions for merchants.

Asian Translation

On the backend we are working on Asian translations for our websites, apps and documentation, technical and informative. The reason for this will be explained in the next update.


Qredit has recently been listed and added to the Coingecko database. CoinGecko is a Coin Market Ranking chart app that ranks digital currencies by developer activity, community, and liquidity.

Qredit Knowledgebase

We’ve added a new link to our website:

This is the knowledge base for Qredit where you can learn and read more about the functionalities of Qredit or to interact with our blockchain.


That’s it for now.

It’s a very short update compared to other updates, but there is a lot in the pipeline which we can’t announce yet.
We are promising that there will be a larger update, right after the MIF Event within 7 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

– Nayiem Willems