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Qredit for merchants.

This page is currently under maintenance and will be updated as soon as we have enabled iDeal and Sofort payment gateways.

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Under maintenance.

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Functions like Qredit Wave, Qredit KYC, Qredit Motion and Smart Contracts will become available later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Qredit now ?

Qredit can be used now on 4 different exchanges and 2 stores located in The Netherlands.

Where can I find stores who accept Qredit ?

Stores who accept Qredit can be located through the store locator on our website. This option will be available in Q1 2019.

Can I convert Qredit back to fiat currency? 

Yes this can. Qredit can be converted back to fiat through our website and our mobile app. Both options are in development.

I’m a merchant and I would like to use Qredit as a payment option. Can you help?

Of course. our staff members will be able to help you setup Qredit as a payment option in your store.

Where can I store my Qredit coins?

Qredit can be stored on a exchange where Qredit is listed, or in one of our applications.
We have a mobile, desktop and a web wallet.

Is there a way to earn Qredit?

You can earn Qredits by being a delegate or voting on a delegate. More information can be found on our website, or please contact us on Telegram.