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Download and read the Qredit Overview:


About Qredit.

Key Summary & Blockchain Parameters.

For Enterprises, Developers and Individuals.

Qredit is a blockchain forked from the ARK codebase with modifications to the core to allow 3rd parties to build on the Qredit Blockchain.

Name: Qredit
Symbol: XQR
Consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) with 51 forging nodes.
Blocktime: 8 seconds
Transactions per block: 250

Seednodes: https://qredit.cloud (
QAE API endpoint: https://qae.qredit.cloud (
P2P Port: 4101
API Port: 4103
Nethash: 5e67037fd290ba7ab378e84a591d251c46eb9770eb134983771fd602233bf193
Epoch: 2017-03-21T13:00:00.000Z
Version: 58
WIF: 187
Slip44: 1

More than just a blockchain.

Roadmap and Upcoming Releases.
We are creating a revolutionary blockchain suite for you.

  • Dashboard Release (Q1 2020)
  • Explorer V3 (Q1 2020)
  • QDS Qredit Data Server (Q1 2020)
  • Qredit Bulk Sender (Q1/Q2 2020)
  • QAE JSON Generator (Q1 2020)
  • Stores Module (Q3 2020)
  • Desktop App v2 (Released)
  • Desktop App v3 (Q2 2020)
  • Persona Integration (Q4 2020)
  • Qredit Mobile v1 (Released)
  • QAE Integration (Q1 2020)
  • NFC Integration (Q1 2020)
  • Persona Integration (Q3 2020)
  • Valkyrie Program Announcement (Q2 2020)
  • Valkyrie Sidechain Deployer (Q3 2020)
  • Valkyrie IPO (Q4 2020)
  • Valkyrie Launch Details Announcement (Q4 2020)
  • Valkyrie Platform Public Release (Q4 2020)
  • QAE-1 Qredit Always Evolving Smart Contracts v1 (Released)
  • QAE-1 Altilly Integration (Released)
  • Q-SCP Qredit Secure Communication Protocol (Q1 2020)
  • QAE-2 Qredit Always Evolving Smart Contracts v2 (Q1 2020)
  • Persona Protocol – Zero-knowledge Identity Management (Q1/Q2 2020)
  • V1 Documentation (Q2 2020)
  • Merchant Tools (Q2 2020)
  • RadioCom Node Modules (Q2/Q3 2020)
  • Tracking & Trace Tools (Q3 2020)
  • V2 Documentation (Q4 2020)
  • Upgrade 2.6 (Q1/Q2 2020)
  • Smartbridge Interoperability Plugins (Q2/Q3 2020)
  • Upgrade 3.0 (Q3/Q4 2020)
  • STEX Exchange Listing (Live since February 2020)
  • 2 Upcoming Exchange Listings (Q1 2020)
  • Whitepaper V4 (Q1 2020)
  • Altilly Fee Integration (Q2/Q3 2020)
  • Customer & Partnership Announcement (Q3 2020)
  • QAE-Sat Test Report (Q4 2020)
  • QAE-Sat Software Open-Release (Q4 2020)

Official Tools for Qredit.

Interact with the Qredit Blockchain.

Tools for developers.

Swagger API Docs.

Use the API’s to interact with the Qredit Blockchain and the QAE Smart Contracts Protocol.

Qredit Wiki.

Learn more about the Qredit Blockchain and use our build custom tools to interact with the network.

Block Explorer.

View transactions and blocks and see the amazing stability of the network and the delegate nodes.

Qredit Dashboard.

Existing Qredit Tools will be replaced by an all-in-one web portal.
The new Qredit Dashboard will allow anyone to interact with the Qredit Blockchain using our advanced tools.

Release date: Q1 2020

Join the network.


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Support the network by voting for delegates and earn passive income.

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Join the the network and run your own relay node or become a delegate!