Qredit Side Ledger Protocol

Qredit Side Ledger Protocol

The Qredit Side Ledger Protocol, also known as QSLP is a tool running on top of the Qredit Blockchain.
With QSLP, anyone can create basic fungible tokens or non-fungible tokens with advanced features.

QSLP is currently running in beta on the Qredit Blockchain and Ark Blockchain.
Release Date: T.B.A.

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Below you will find some cool features that will be available upon full-release.

Relay Rewards

Qredit Side Ledger allows users to run their own relay node and earn rewards from QSLP transactions. That's right. You don't have to be a forging delegate to earn from the network. Rewards generated from QSLP transactions will be split between all relay nodes running the QSLP node.

Send to Chain

QSLP will be released on the Qredit Blockchain and Ark Blockchain. With our new S2C transaction-type, anyone will be able to send QSLP tokens to another blockchain to a different address from the native chain. More blockchains will be supported in the near future.

Pause & Resume

Create a token and enable pause and resume functions (ie. for upgrade purposes). You can pause and resume a whole token network for upgrades or ideal for banking institutions you can also (un)freeze a wallet to review suspicious transactions.

Swap Owner

Want to handover the control of your token contract? With our "new-owner" transaction-type, you can swap the ownership of your contract and have someone else to control features such as burn, mint, pause and resume. Each function is optional and can be enabled from Genesis.