Please note!

Qredit migrated to a new blockchain in January 2021.
New addresses start with an X. Old addresses start with a Q.
All tools, apps and information on this specific page is related to the old blockchain.
Please use the tools on this page only to swap your old coins to your new wallet.
To swap your old coins to the new chain, please click on the button below.
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Qredit Native Wallets.

Manage your Qredit coins using our native cryptocurrency wallets.

Qredit Desktop.

Manage your funds, data and contacts with the Desktop Wallet. Receive and transfer assets and data simply with the password you provide.

Blockchain Maintenance.

Qredit is currently migrating to a new blockchain codebase. Mobile wallets are temporarily unavailable.
Click on the button below to view the old Block Explorer
Old Block Explorer