qredit crypto payments

Qredit will grow to be a simple payment and rewards platform that enables buyers to use their tokens in order to pay sellers (private or merchants).
The buyers and sellers are able to use physical NFC cards to receive tokens from other users.
The card can also be used to receive other tokens from the NEBLIO platform.

We provide the best protection and convenience to both buyers and sellers on receiving funds on their cards.
We combine the best payment protection of the current blockchain generation (with the innovative features from NTP1) with the unique qualities provided by our product.
We have built upon the best features of cryptocurrencies to enable fast transactions, lower fees and low cross-border transaction friction.
This enables sellers to sell to a growing worldwide audience of crypto holders.

To summarize, we aim to build a NTP1 payment system for marketplace integration that will become the crypto-contender to traditional payment gateways.
The uniqueness of this concept is that retailers can also spend the tokens on customers, on top of fiat money, in the form of bonus points when purchasing products of a certain value.
We have built the financial mechanisms, software and mobile apps from the ground up, to provide the end-users the simplicity to participate in our platform.
By providing a physical card and simple tools to the end-users, more people will be able to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

Free plan

You will be able to accept Qredit directly as a payment system in your physical store or webstore.

Paid plan
The customer will have the possibility to convert their Qredit tokens to EURO or DOLLARS.

This allows you, as a merchant, to avoid the crypto market’s unpredictability.

The paid plan also enables you to use Qredit as a reward system for your customers.
For more information about both methods, or to make an appointment, please contact the Qredit team.

You will be able to use Qredit as a payment system in a physical store or webstore.

By purchasing products from the merchants, you will not only have a secure and user-friendly experience, but also gain the ability to save and spend bonus points.

These bonus points will be stored on your Qredit card and will be accepted by any store that is in partnership with our continuously growing payment network.

There are 7 million Qredit tokens (QRT) available on the market.

By continuous development of Qredit, Hodler Company and by gaining new partnerships, we will create more demand on QRT.

As a result of this we will be able to stabilize or even raise the value of our token.

We have also created 300 founder tokens (QRTF), which are tradable between owners. Owning just 1 QRTF will give the trader a 0,33% bonus from the total amount of QRT transaction fees.

This bonus, depending on the amount of QRTF owned, will be paid out to all QRTF owners on monthly basis.

*We do not recommend listing QRTF on any exchange as transaction fees will lower its value.*