Join the Qredit Ecosystem

Qredit offers tools to enhance and embrace the DPOS ecosystem powered by ARK Core and Solar Core.
Tools such as the Qredit Wallet will allow you to vote for delegates over multiple platforms with combined features such as Persona, SLP, development networks and custom transactions.

Qredit has its own native blockchain with the XQR coin and 51 delegates.
The XQR coin is being used for membership fees, Persona profiles, Unified API, and Qredit SLP transactions.

With the Qredit Unified API, exchange operators, wallet service providers and government agencies will be able to easily access blockchain data and profile information that can be enabled by the Qredit Wallet users. Persona and the Qredit Unified API are disabled by default for any new user.

Supported Networks

Simplified control over all networks.

Qredit (XQR) offers a non-custodian multi-currency wallet platform, targeted towards DPOS projects that are powered by ARK Core or Solar Core.

Solar (SXP) is so far the most advanced DPOS platform that utilises it's own Solar Core with many features and utilities designed for Web3 applications.

ARK Ecosystem (ARK), originally forked from Lisk is an Open-Source, Typescript-Based, Layer 1 Blockchain Protocol built to be simple and efficient.

The Blockpool (BPL) platform is a data agnostic, modular platform coded in Java and Javascript. Designed to offer many SaaS modular solutions.

Download (Beta)

A powerful and secure DPOS crypto platform, rich in features, enhanced with digital identity solutions and cold storage multi-crypto wallets.
The Qredit Wallet is available for multiple platforms.
Windows, Apple, iOS coming soon.

Voting / Staking

Stake your assets and contribute to the ecosystem by voting for delegates while earning from forging rewards.


A digital identity solution enhanced with optional features for users that prefer transparency in crypto.

Non Custodian

Your wallet is safely encrypted by your own unique password and you will always own your own passphrase.