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Enhanced Blockchain Suite.



Download and read the Qredit Overview:


The Enhanced Blockchain Suite.
Fast. Reliable. Efficient.


With 8 seconds blocktimes and +250 transactions per block, Qredit is one of the fastest decentralized blockchains.


Qredit utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus, insuring a stable and reliable network for all users.


With only 51 forging nodes, the Qredit blockchain is one of the most energy and cost-efficient blockchain.

For Consumers.

Consumers can use the Qredit Portals as an alternative to traditional payments systems, with dynamic fees and fast transactions.

For Merchants.

Merchants can easily implement Qredit in their store with the use of our portals without spending a lot of money on unnecessary hardware.

For Developers.

Qredit’s core is open-source and developers can interact with our blockchain using different coding languages.

Qredit Always Evolving

The Unique Features of Qredit.
Learn more about our ecosystem.

Qredit Motion.

With Qredit Motion you will be able to convert your coins to fiat currency or buy Qredit coins with fiat currency.


Together with Token of Trust you can now verify your Qredit address with real-world data.

QAE Smart Contracts.

Build your own contracts or dApps on the Qredit Blockchain and make use of our stable network supported by 51 delegates.

Exchange Base Currency.

Qredit is being used as a native exchange coin on the Altilly Exchange with its own basemarket.

Qredit Wave.

By using the NFC technology integrated with our apps, you can send and receive Qredit anywhere, even without internet.

Valkyrie Deployer.

Easily deploy and host your own blockchain with us, using the Qredit Valkyrie Deployer.

Get Started.

Download your Portal.

Qredit can be used anywhere at any time.
Creating a wallet with the Qredit Portal is very simple. 


Learn more about Qredit.

Learn how you can utilize Qredit
and use all of its unique features. 


Get Creative.

Create your own Smart Contract.

QAE is the smart contracts protocol built on the Qredit Blockchain.
QAE is still under development and will be released in 3 phases.
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Deploy your own Blockchain.

Deploy your own enterprise-grade blockchain with wallets for desktop and mobile devices. We offer blockchain hosting solutions and listing on the altilly exchange.
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Get in touch with our community.
We are active on Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Telegram, Instagram and Discord.

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